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Inspired by a true story, Antonio Banderas stars as internationally acclaimed ballroom dancer Pierre Dulane in the family drama Take The Lead. This story is "inspired by a true story." The film revolves around the life of Mr. Dulane, a professional dancer who volunteers to teach in the New York City public school system. But when his classic methods clash with his students' hip hop instincts, he teams up with them to mix the modern hip-hop beat to match the beat of ballroom dance songs, thus creating a new style of dance. In the process he becomes the student's mento. The movie never provided any photo's of Pierre, nor did it reveal how much of the Hollywood story was real. One thing we do know, Pierre did grow his ballroom dance classes in NY City to over 40 NYC schools now participating.
I found the movie was family friendly, but there were some crud moments depicting the realties of inner city High School life. I found it difficult to agree with Mr. Banderas logic, acting in the part of Mr. Dulane, that is you can "Handle a woman" in ballroom dance in a very erotic manner, this would teach High School kids to respect the opposite sex and would help young females to not get pregnant. I miss the connection.
The ending was also a bit strange since it didn't complete a number of open story lines. For example, the main concentration on the movie was a big dance competition where the winners would get $5,000. It's never revealed who won. A good family film that should be watch with some caution, - Take the Lead.

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