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Superman Returns-
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Hi, this is Nicole I just saw a preview of the movie "Superman Returns" and in my opinion it is one of the best films to be released in the last few years.
"Superman Returns" surprised me with how well it was produced, and how much it lived up to the original Superman movies.
"Superman Returns" is a continuation of the Superman legacy. It's a sequel giving familiarity to the orginal, yet providing a new and different edge.
"Superman Returns" was cast perfectly. Branding Routh did an unbelievable portrayal Superman/Clark Kent. A performance worthy of Superman. Mr. Rough brought to life the character the way Mr. Reeves did. Kevin Space performance of Lex Luther captures the dread that Luther caused movie-goers in the 1978 film.
This movie lives up to the Superman legend, but it also adds a new depth to the Superman character. Superman is like a Christ-like figure in this film. In one scene Lois Lane tells Superman the world does not needs a savior. Superman answers her, You wrote that the world doesn’t need a savior...but everyday I hear people crying for one. Superman is a self-sacrificing savior to the world, even in the face of death. Giving of himself without expecting anything in return. It is a movie that leaves you feeling good about life, knowing that a savior is watching over you.

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