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The last time Gary Scarano saw Rose Falcon, she was 4 years old! Rose is like every other young woman and yet, she's not like anyone you've ever met. Like many adolescents, Rose grew up feeling like an outsider. When she discovered her gift for music, she realized the thoughts and feelings that set her apart was the music that gave her a way to communicate and connect. "When I began singing and writing songs, it was like: yes! I finally found what I loved to do."Rose Falcon includes the album's first single, "Up Up Up," a song that also appears in the soundtrack to the Buena Vista/Disney movie, "Inspector Gadget 2."

“In an era filled with contest winners and formatted radio playlists, occasionally there comes along a true artist who has the ability to make you listen as well as feel. Rose Falcon has been at this for a long time. She’s an old soul in the voice of a beautiful young lady. She speaks of a life lived. She’s earned this shot. From backyard to bar to arena stages. Take a listen. You won’t be disappointed …” – Jon Bon Jovi

Rose Falcon

Rose Falcon's Self Titled Album Cover




Rose's lyrics--sometimes wistful, sometimes playful, always clever--are an authentic depiction of life, capturing the times when it's good and the times when it hurts. Rose Falcon brings joy, pleasure and wonder to her music while addressing some of the toughest issues a young person can face. "I write about how I see things," she explains, "and how they make me feel."

Rose Falcon was born in New York City on May 2, 1984. "When it comes to me getting into music," she remembers, "I guess I didn't have much of a choice considering that I went directly from the hospital to a studio apartment where, every day, my dad sat and wrote songs. In other words, I was really close to the music, as our apartment consisted of only one room."

When it was time for Rose to start school, the Falcon family moved to New Jersey. "Though we never had any money, everything was going pretty good until my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1987. Two years later she died." Rose's experience of the loss of her mother, Myla Falcon, lies at the heart of "Best Friend." One of the most emotionally powerful pieces on Rose Falcon.

"From that point on, it was my dad and me. We did everything together. I think the music started for me when we would take long car rides together and I would sing songs for my dad like I was the radio. I would ask, 'do you have any pointers for me?' He'd say, 'just keep singing.' So I did." While her father was able to provide "a somewhat 'normal' childhood" for Rose, she "never really felt like I fit in anywhere. Nothing ever clicked for me until I began writing poetry and putting into words whatever I was feeling or going through at the time."

Rose's father, Billy Falcon, was also a chief musical influence. A respected singer-songwriter in his own right (as a major label recording artist, songwriter and producer), Billy couldn't help but inspire his daughter, though he never thought she'd follow in his footsteps. Then one night, in Nashville, where the Falcons live, Rose "surprised my dad by asking him to write a song with me." That day, we wrote the song, 'Looks Are Everything,' which appears, on my first album."

So Rose and Billy Falcon became a songwriting team. Did she find it awkward, confessing her innermost secrets to her father as raw songwriting material? Uh, yeah--a little. "It is weird telling your dad some of this stuff," Rose admits, "but my dad's not your typical dad, and he's my best friend--so if he can't understand me, I don't know if anybody can." Rose's honesty comes across loud and clear in her down-to-earth delivery and insightful lyrics on Rose Falcon. "I write about what I go through," says Rose. "I want my songs to be like friends you turn to because you know they'll understand you when you say, 'I feel fat today.'

"At the time I wrote 'Looks Are Everything,' I was just beginning to discover my body and feeling inadequate--I struggled with that for years and am finally coming to terms with it now," she says. On her debut, you'll meet Rose Falcon: a girl from New York with a vaguely Southern accent, a beautiful young woman who is passionate about her music.

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