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CONTEST WIN A DVD of the soon to b released Universal Movie Nanny McPhee: (rated PG). Nanny Mcphee is being released on DVD on Tuesday MAY 9, 2006, and is thrilled to be giving away 10 of Universal Studios Home Entertainment DVD's on this launch date. On Tuesday morning, May 9th, we will sending out an email and posting the questions for the contest right here. ( In order to win your free DVD, you must be one of the first 10 emails received (email: with the correct answers. This movie is well worth it.Tell your friends and stop back here on May 9th for the questions to be answer to win your free. Contest Rules Click Here:
Check Here Tuesday Morning for the 5-questions to be answered from either information available on this page or from Nicole's review (below) on RealPlayer(R).:
  1. How many Nannies did the Seven children get rid of before Nanny McPhee?
  2. What color is the first piece of cake to be thrown? (this one is a piece of cake)
  3. According the Colin Firth, Mr. Brown is the father of seven ______ ______ children?
  4. How long did take for the children to get rid of last nanny before Nanny McPhee? _____(days)_____(hours)_____(minutes)
  5. How will you feel as you "exit the theater?"
Nanny Mcphee Movie Review-
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Watch Nicole's Movie Review of Nanny McPhee

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I'm Nicole from I saw the surprisingly good film "Nanny Mcphee". While many may believe this is merely a child's movie, it is a film for all ages. Children will love this film because of its hilarious situations, yet adults will appreciate it for its lessons in discipline and love, the love among a father, seven children, a nanny, and a scullery maid. This film truly illustrates the theme 'Love is a sacrifice', for Mr. Brown (the father) is willing to do anything to ensure the welfare of his children, even if it means sacrificing his own happiness. But while Mr. Brown wants the best for his children, he refuses to compromise the meaning of family. Emma Thompson does a wonderful job in portraying the character of Nanny Mcphee, and Colin Firth does an equally fine job of bringing the character of Mr. Brown to life. All seven of the children are wonderfully cast, and the part of the scullery maid is nicely portrayed. With its brilliantly happy ending, "Nanny Mcphee" is a film that leaves you feeling 'Jolly Good' as you exit the theater.

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