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John M. Templeton Jr. MD & Pina Templeton MD
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Watch this very interesting interview about how two Doctors met and were married. How they came to a spiritual awakening at almost the same moment, and how they have let God influence their lives since then. Dr. Templeton (Jack) is President of the John Templeton Foundation, an organization that gave away almost $60 million in 2004. His book "Thrift and Generosity' explores how to be frugal on one hand, but Generous on the other. Watch this compelling TV segment on Templeton's life
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John Templeton Jr., MD

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Thrift and Generosity
The Joy of Giving

Dr. Pina Templeton

Gary Scarano with the Templetons

Jack, giving a speech as the Chairman of
National Bible Week 2004

Jack and Pina Templeton

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