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I'm Nicole from ReachOUT.tv. Based on the Newberry Honor book, HOOT is a film well worth seeing. I myself was pleasantly surprised with this movie. HOOT revolves around a Montana boy, Roy, who moves to Florida where he meets Beatrice and a mysterious barefooted boy, Mullet Fingers. Through Mullet Roy learns a wonderful yet terrible secret. The construction site of the new Mother Paula's pancake house is on the nesting ground of an endangered species of owls. By building this pancake house all of the owls on the site will be killed. Unfortunately the three kids seem to be the only ones who care, and although the odds don't seem to be in their favor the three friends will stop at nothing to protect the little owls. This film is appropriate for all ages. It is a good lesson on how we should care for the little animals that we share God's creation with, but while Roy, Beatrice, and Mullet have the right idea their actions are sometimes not the best. I wouldn't suggest running away from a cop and tying a man up to save the owls, but I do commend the three friends for taking a stand.
HOOT was nicely cast and beautifully executed. It is a film that you should take your whole family to see. All in all we may feel inadequate, but we are never too small to help others ... even if they're little owls.

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