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Movie Review - Glory Road-
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I went to the Glory Road preview and you could feel the excitement it in the room. In fact there was so much excitement so that a fight broke out between two women during the opening credits! Now that doesn’t happen often. The Disney movie, Glory Road, tells the story of a man who is coaching a Girls High School team and given the opportunity to coach a Division One College team in West Texas. He and his family have to live in the boy’s dormitory and he is faced with the prospect of forming a team with no money. Coach Haskins loves basketball, but he also love to win, so he fills all of the available slots with Afro-American recruits he finds from all over the nation.
Needless to say, this provides more then enough opportunities for racial prejudice and it starts our predictably small (like raised eyebrows, etc.), but escalates to a beatings and break-in where blood (assumed animal blood) is spilled over the room of two of the players. The story becomes less about basketball and more about racial prejudice as the West Texas team keep wining games. It is repeated in the movie some people unbelievable thought any black basketball player couldn’t stand the “pressure” to play in a national championship level. It was these some of these same people who applied pressure in unsportsmanlike and illegal ways to prove their point.
The movie culminates in what many people call the most important game in the history of basketball, a game where the Miami Heat coach Pat Riley actually played in. I was happy to see during the closing creditssome of the events portrayed in the movie were collaborated.

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