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A “Rockumentary” About the Modern Slave Trade… “Call and Response is a Punch-in-the-Face Wake-up Call…”
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CALL + RESPONSE, A “Rockumentary” about the modern slave trade is funded by donations only with ALL profits going to fund global project on the front lines this issue (to donate go to Featured are interview with actors Julia Ormond, Ashley Judd, Daryl Hanna, former US Secretary of State Madeline Albright, Dr. Cornell West, and Nicholas Kristof.

The idea of Hollywood producing a movie about morality is, in itself, unsettling. As I watched “CALL + RESPONSE,” however, I realized I was being taught more than I ever cared to know about the sex trade industry. More than my “bubble” of influence allowed in. That’s when I questioned myself. What was this resistance?
Where did it come from? Dillon's CALL + RESPONSE documentary engages an audience, like me, who are unaware this problem exists.
This movie is a punch-in-the-face wake-up call to the depths of horrors that is the Sex Slave trade industry today. I was shocked to learn there are more sex slaves today than ALL of the African slaves brought to America for ALL years combined! In the United States alone, an estimated 200,000 people are living in slavery.

This movie defines the deference between forced labor and slavery. If you are forced to live in a 4 by 6 foot room your whole life to have sex with an average of 3-5 people every day, chained to the wall when you are not “working,” beaten severely and starved if you refuse. This is slavery of the worst kind, and it is in America.

Young girls and boys are kidnapped at ages as young as 3-years-old to live their life in slavery. I found the math scary that a pimp in the USA with 3 prostitutes can make $240,000 a year, tax free. These prostitutes may have only cost them $1,000, so they are totally expendable. In once scene a young girl who never went to school tells how she has sleep with about 1,000 clients a year for six years, but she couldn’t add it up since she never went to school.

At times, during this self described “rockumentary” I felt I was watching a documentary and a concert broke out. The contrast between the musicians in the studio and the prostitutes in the brothels was a drastic, although sometimes a welcome breather. I would have like to, however, seen some popular Christian musicians and Pastors added.

CALL + RESPONSE is a call to action for those of us who fundamentally understand that not only is Sexual Slavery wrong, but prostitution of any kind is wrong. If you accept voluntary prostitution as OK, then we automatically increase the demand for it. Once this happens, foreign markets will response with cheaper versions and offer alternatives (perverted al be it) to their customers.

Don’t be fooled, there is prostitution right under out noses here in America. Most strip-joints have “private rooms” that customers pay for. The management then turns a blind-eye toward what goes on in that room. The documentary then moved from sexual slavery to military slavery (war children). A few years ago, reviewed the movie “Innocent Voices” (

One solution offered d in the movie is “Globalization.” We are one people and need to work together. Those who are discerning Christians know where this ends up. The only way to know right and wrong is for it to be defined outside of ourselves, and the only way that works, as history has shown, is by using the Bible as the standard.

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